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The art of being bohemian


I am not sure if I am a bohemian or if I dream of being one. It doesn’t really mater and that is the magic of being bohemian. You don’t need to fit. All you need is to establish a good contact with your inner soul, listen carefully and let it lead the way, if not always at least sometimes. I know it sounds very spiritual but I promise you it’s not. Imagine your life without all that stress. Imagine your life without having to worry about paying bills or being socially acceptable, what would you do?What would you wear? what would you eat? where would you go? who would you be with? You’d wake up in the morning and what would be your first thought? Are your thoughts bright? Are they dark? No need to worry if it’s dark, there is nothing wrong with you, it’s part of our nature, part of being balanced. What would you do next? How would you spend your day? Remember you won’t have to pay bills for the rest of your life and you won’t have to worry about being socially acceptable. Now some of you will think ” I’ll stay home all day, watch TV and eat as much as I can”, but remember I am not talking about one day, I am talking about the rest of your life and you don’t want to waste the rest of your life, do you? So what would you do for the rest of your life if you had nothing to worry about? Wouldn’t you do things you really love and enjoy? I know I would.

I would do all the things I always had in mind doing but never did because I have always been so busy. I have always been a crafty person but never really concentrated on that part of my personality. I spent most of my life studying and pursuing a dream job. Always chasing money and success. Now don’t get me wrong about this but I’ m not saying there is anything wrong with it. It’s wonderful having goals and ambitions, it’s a great motivation to always try harder and become better. But this is also one part of my personality, it’s not me. I am not my ambitions, I am not my work, I am not my university degrees. These are all parts of me, I am much more than this. We are all much more than this and we just need a moment of clarity to get in touch with our inner selves to realize that.

So the things we would choose to do the morning that we wake up and have nothing to worry about, nothing to cause stress, is who we really are. Free from obligations, free from stereotypes, free from stress and fear is when we can meet our true nature. How is that possible you may ask, not having obligations and things to worry about. It’s not! Reality always strikes back every time but don’t worry our purpose is not to create an imaginary world, it’s to understand who we really are and find ways to express it in this hard and demanding world. Once you get to know your inner self you will find what makes you unique, because you are unique, we all are. Isn’t that great news? Now how will you let people know about your uniqueness? Don’t worry you will not need to stand on a podium and make a public speech, all you need is to let your senses guide you through daily simple decisions. Decisions like what should I wear? What should I eat? or where should I eat? what book should I read? How should I plan my next travel? Where should I go? How should I decorate my house? and then decide what kind of memories would you like to have when you are really old and start creating these memories. Remember you are now a bohemian, an unconventional individual with great love for life and everything that makes it unique. You are a wanderer, an adventurer and even if you already know your destination you can’t wait to make that trip memorable. Isn’t that what life is all about?


Photo by Kaboompics via pixabay.com

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