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Amazing Christmas Decoration Ideas – DIY Christmas Trees

Brace yourselves because Christmas season is upon us. Crafters, decorators and designers get busy to create and present their unique ideas.

As I already told you I am in between jobs this period and probably facing a big move out in the next few months. Moving not only to a different apartment, nor just another city but probably moving to another country. Decorating my house this year was a bit of a puzzle. Should I? Shouldn’t I? One thing is for sure…I wouldn’t buy anything new this year so I had to be creative. Most importantly I didn’t have a Christmas tree.

I’ve been thinking of making an alternative Christmas tree for years now and I have been searching for ideas on internet but every year I ended up decorating a traditional Christmas tree with rather creative ornaments. This year was my chance to be bold and I am happy I took that chance finally.

First of all I would like to share with you my inspiration. To my taste this is the best collection of Unconventional and beautiful DIY Christmas trees : ideas to create unique Christmas decorations for your home, with things you already have!

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