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DIY Christmas tree – my version

It’s nice to talk the talk but it’s even better to walk the walk…

So after all that inspiration searching I had to come up with my own version of alternative Christmas tree. Rule number one for crafters “use what you have creatively” and rule number two “always make it your own”. OK maybe at first you will have to follow instructions and create an exact copy but as you go deeper and gain some more experience you will find out that making your own version is much more fun.

My goal this year was to decorate my house without buying anything new, not even crafting supplies. My ally for this project was nature and some threads I had. So I went for a walk to the beach (lucky me I live by the sea) and found several wonderful pieces of sea-wood sticks and a few interesting small sea-rocks. Then I took a turn up on the hill which is full of pine trees (yes I live in a beautiful place) and gathered lots and lots of pine cones, some wood sticks and a few tree leafs.

So I came back home and tried to find a way to combine them but it was obvious that I wouldn’t use them all to one project (remember never get too greedy with your material). For the alternative Christmas tree project I would only use some sea-wood sticks and I would decorate it with the handmade ornaments I made last year. FotorCreated2

I love working with natural material. I love the warmth that comes out of wood and wool and the simplicity of wire. In case you don’t have hand made ornaments don’t worry, use what you have, there is no need to try everything at once. But if you insist on natural material I’m pretty sure that this alternative Christmas tree would look absolutely amazing only with a few pine cones or some biscuit ornament and some ribbons.FotorCreated4

The important part is to enjoy the procedure and make something that represents your taste and mood.

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