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How to make the easiest boho infinity scarf

I think I was 8 years old when my dear grandma showed me how to make chains with a hook and some yarn. I can’t even describe you how much I loved it. I made hundreds of it again and again feeling so proud for my accomplishment. Then she showed me sc stitch and dc stitch and when I made my first motif it felt magic. I must of wasted a lot of yarn from my grandma’s yarn basket, but she never complained.

Crocheting is one of my favorite crafting techniques, as I don’t consider myself a crocheter but more of a crafter. I love the endless possibilities a hook and some yarn can give me and when a project is completed the enthusiasm is always the same as the day I made my first chains. Every time I find myself in a yarn shop I feel like a child in a toy store. I become so greedy and excited that I can’t make up my mind. Usually I end up buying more than I need but truth is… you can never have too much yarn if you are into crocheting.

For my first post about crocheting I would like to share with you the pattern of the first real piece (not chains and motifs) I ever made and what a coincidence … it’s called Boho-Chic Infinity Scarf. Don’t let this title frustrate you, it’s much easier than it sounds. In fact it’s great for beginners. All you need to do is some chains and a special stitch which I don’t really know how it’s named but it’s actually a half butterfly stitch.

Boho Infinity Scarf_1

Through the years I made many Boho-Chic scarfs for me and my friends and it has always been a great hit. What I love about this project is that you can modify it in sizes (widths and lengths)  according to your needs.

Boho infinity scarf_2

For this project you will need

Yarn : I recommend a ball of 100g / 3.5oz – 240mt / 262yds ,but it works really fine with thinner yard as well (with the appropriate hook) depending on your taste and needs.

Hook : Size 6mm / J hook (for recommended yarn)

*you might need 2 balls of yearn if you want a more bulky scarf.

Boho infinity scarf_3


ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

* = repeat

special stitch : Insert your hook into the next stitch,  yarn over and pull one out (2 loops on your hook) yarn over and pull one out (again 2 loops on your hook) yarn over and pull out both loops, chain one.


To start : Chain 220 – 260 for a double wrap around your neck (according to your size) and connect the two edges with a slip stitch.

Row 1 : Ch 4, skip one stitch and Special Stitch in next * (repeat special stitch on every other stitch until the end of row where you close with sl st)

Row 2 : Ch 4, Special Stitch all around inserting your hook on the top left part of every square created in the previous row * (repeat all around and close with sl st)

Repeat Row 2 for a total of at least 30 rows (or more according to you needs)

Boho Infinity Scarf_4

My good friend Michaela wearing it ( along with the hat I made for her but that’s another story). Thank you Michaela for this wonderful picture.

Give it a try and don’t forget to let me know how it goes. If you need more details don’t hesitate to contact me or check this instruction video.

Featured Image by “The fibre tree yarn”page

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