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4 cutest baby blankets – easy crochet patterns

A lot of my friends were having their first babies lately and I have been wondering around Pinterest to find some inspiration. When it comes to babies everything looks cute. I must of pinned more than 200 images with baby booties, tiny cardigans, dreamy little dresses for baby girls but what really captured me was baby blankets or afghans as some say ( I really didn’t catch the difference).

Yes to me it is the perfect gift for a new born baby and not just any baby…. your friend’s first baby. I’m not saying that any other handmade gift made from the heart is not a great gift, it’s just that baby blankets can live longer than any other gift. When the perfect little cardigan becomes extra small you can still wrap around the baby with the blanket. And when the tiny cardigan become just a photo memory you could still have the baby blanket and use it as the child’s personal tv blanket or as a decorative bed cover.

Not being an ever ending project type, it was hard to pick a pattern. When I read a book I do it in 3 days….I just can’t wait. It’s the same with crochet, when a project begins I need to finish it as soon as possible. I feel like a child standing in-front of the oven waiting for the cake to bake. So the pattern should be beautiful, of course, and easy to remember as I don’t enjoy spending half of my time over a diagram looking at it delaying me from crocheting.

After a long long search I came down with four patterns which all seemed perfect for me and in the future I would like to try them all when occasion arises. These patterns are not just easy to follow, they are also really beautiful and elegant as “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” -Coco Chanel.

1. Granny square baby blanket

What’s the second thing you learn in crocheting with first being the chain? It’s the granny square and actually I have been making it just to practice with the hook. The magic with this motif is that you can have a completely different look just by playing with colours. You can create almost anything with it, from a baby blanket to a cardigan, depending on how you sew those little squares together. (Now that I think of it this could be a great research for a future post).

Though I found many granny square blankets, I chose this one because I loved the idea of making 4 big squares and not dozens of small ones. I also love the colour pallet but you can use the colours you prefer anyway. For the pattern and more details visit idainteriorlifestyle

2. All time classic Chevron

Let’s face it, it’s the blanket of our childhood. Another classic pattern with great possibilities. You can give it a romantic touch by using pastel colours or even an ethnic style with the appropriate palette. It’s super easy to make as you only have to repeat one basic stitch and therefore is considered an excellent beginner’s project.

I chose this particular blanket because I fell in love with the colours which were a great hit during the 70’s and vintage is always on my top choices. For the pattern and more details visit madeit

3. Crocheted and woven plaid

I fell in love with this blanket. It’s shockingly easy to make but soooo beautiful and chic that it’s almost a crime not to do one. What I love about it are these woven style stripes which is nothing more than a row of chains woven among the double crochet stitches. It’s a brilliant idea and again with the colours of your choice you can do magic with this pattern. For the pattern and more details visit pysseldommar  Don’t let the Swedish intimidate you, the pictures are quite detailed and you will find many helpful comments in English.

4. Sampler Blanket

I love minimal but it would be blank and boring without the presence of something bold.

With chic being always my first choice, I loved this baby blanket from the moment I saw it because it is the bohemien kind of chic. Mixing and matching colours and stitches is what bohemianism is all about. Feel free and happy while doing it, get crazy with it and you won’t regret it as long as you keep the symmetry. For the pattern of this blanket and more details visit topcrochetpatterns

4 thoughts on “4 cutest baby blankets – easy crochet patterns

  1. i love how a blanket can make color blossom over a bed or a couch. I ALWAYS can’t help but point out crochet afgans in movies. The chevron blanket is the first thing I learned how to crochet. Love all the patterns you chose here! Granny squares are so versatile!

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