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Boho Baby Afghan – Easy Pattern

After making a lot of research for the perfect baby afghan I ended up with a shortlist of 4 beautiful patterns which I shared with you on a previous post.

I loved all 4 of them but I had to pick one for my friend’s baby girl who would be the first baby among our friends. Tough choice, so what did I do? I skipped all research, I didn’t follow any pattern and did something completely on my own. Yes, that’s me πŸ™‚ and I do that a lot! with everything! I must admit that it doesn’t always work that well (but I always love the procedure of doing it), this time it worked quite well. This baby afghan is cute as a button (at least for me).

baby afghan bohemien 3

What I used:

1 skein of each yarn colour (1 bluish, 1 yellow, 1 lilac, 1 mint and one white – but you can always make your own combinations and it doesn’t have to be five, you need 1 basic colour, in my case white, and a couple of other colours to make the “flowers”)

When it comes to babies the yarn of my choice is usually cotton and the size of hook I used for this particular project was 3mm/D

baby afghan bohemien 4

What I did:

It’s pretty easy if you take a closer look. It’s nothing more than a changing colours circle beginning with a magic ring turned into little squares with chain loops. To be accurate:

  • Row 1: 12dc in magic ring, close circle with (change colour – optional)
  • Row 2: 3ch, 23dc, close circle with
  • Row 3 – white colour yarn: 3chain skip one stitch 1sc. on next {repeat this one more time}, 6ch and 1sc on the same stitch. – Repeat this pattern 3 more times until you have a square motif.

Tip 1: Attach your motifs together while crocheting row 3 in order to avoid sewing later.

Tip 2: If do it again I will probably make larger circles adding a row between 2 and 3 (of course row 3{now 4} should be adjusted accordingly).

For a size 100x120cm. / 40x50in. afghan I did 120 motifs which is a lot of work that’s why I would make bigger motifs next time.

baby afghan bohemien 2

This is what came out

I completely adore this colorful baby afghan, looking at it always makes me smile πŸ™‚


baby afghan bohemien 1

I want to thank my friend Vicky, mother of little Helen (the owner of the afghan) for these wonderful photos. I was so eager to give it to her that I completely forgot to take any. ❀

13 thoughts on “Boho Baby Afghan – Easy Pattern

    1. I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be pinable! Thanks for pointing that to me, I’ll take a look on image settings meanwhile please let me know how it goes, where they pinned or no? and by the way….I have already pinned them in my pinterest account!


      1. ohkay then it’s definitely my computer. when i get to a different computer i’m repinning. I don’t think you over did it, I love how lively and imaginative it feels. your friend will be so happy to have this for her baby!


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