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10 Creative ways to use your doilies

We all have doilies hidden in a corner of our closet or  buried deep in the bottom of a drawer. A forgotten present from a forgotten aunt, dower from our mother, or in my case my beloved grandmas’ needlework, and boy she made a lot! Colours, patterns and sizes, countless perfect doilies awaiting there for decades the moment someone puts them to use.

Trying to find some inspiration about what to do with all those delicate doilies here is what I came up with…

 1. Using old doilies to make a new stylish curtain

I absolutely adore this idea! Making a curtain out of doilies only seems natural to me. Instead of crocheting a curtain why not make a smart combination of your doilies and sew them together. The outcome looks romantic and funky at the same time!

2. Doily stencil decoration
doily_2_ mamaskram

You will probably prefer to use paper doilies for this project but just in case you have a doily you are not really fond of, why not use it as decorative stencil template? Use it on wrapping papers, gift bags or anything you would like to decorate with stencil.

3. Rustic Doily Luminaries

Jars and doilies! I think jars are one of the most popular items among crafters and combining them with doilies…who can resist to that? I know I can’t! You will only need glass jars, doilies, adhesive spray and ribbons to make these lovely luminaries.

4. Doily dream catchers

I love dream catchers but I always thought that they are made for teenagers’ rooms. Not any more! These amazing doily dream catchers fir perfect to my adult style decoration, plus it’s a wonderful way to show off your beautiful handmade doilies.

5.Doily T-shirt embelishing

Beautiful, feminine, romantic! You need some good sewing skills for this project but other than that you can’t go wrong with it specially if you like the bohemian style.

6. Handbag doily decoration


Urban Hairlums

Decorating handbags and clutches with doilies is another magnificent idea. They look good over almost any material (leather, fabric) and they undoubtedly add a bohemian style on your look.

7. Framed doilies

Framing is an excellent idea specially when you have elegant doily pieces or high sentimental value items. Some of my grandmothers’ doilies are truly remarkable and looking at them reminds me of her loving hands which worked magic.

8. Doily table runner

A table runner! Sew them together and make a unique and amazing table runner and now that I think of it why not use them as placemats? After all these doilies where meant to be on furniture!

9. Boho Bracelets

What a great and easy thing to make with an ever growing stash of laces and doilies! These bracelets could fit nicely to a romantic bohemian look. All you need is some heavy linen ground, a few buttons, ribbon for making the closure loop and some basic sewing skills. Voila! Your very own handmade bracelets.

10. Country cottage doily pillow

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. You are not going to lie over those pillows for sure but not all pillows are made for lying. They are so beautiful to look at and after all I only want the best for my my grandmas’ precious needlework.

11 thoughts on “10 Creative ways to use your doilies

  1. I love this post! My crochet journey started with doilies and they will forever be my first love. These are really beautiful ideas for what else I can create with doilies 🙂 Thanks so much for compiling this list.


    1. Oh I love doilies too! I have so many of them made from grandma and really felt sorry for stashing them in a box for years. There is a huge list of doily crafts but I came down to these 10 because they highlight doilies without ruining them.

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  2. Ohhh these are lovely! I can’t pick a favourite from them because they’re all great. I might just do the T.shirt one on a T.shirt which I’ve dropped glue on. I could sew the doily over the area and then cut the horrible gluey bit out. FABULOUS post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you are very welcome my dear. In fact I really liked that T-shirt idea too and gave it a try but my sewing skills aren’t that great. Be extra careful when you do it to have a nice outcome … mine made some wrinkles unfortunately and looks beautiful only when I stretch it. Once you try it pls tell me how it worked for you! :*

      Liked by 1 person

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