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April’s Favorites

Where did half of April go? Is it just me or April flies away very quickly? For me so far this month has been really challenging but fulfilling, trying to pack and organize our household for the big “move”, while trying to keep up with some online courses to update and reinforce my professional skills before I go back to full time employment again. I think the timing is perfect, April smells like new beginnings and I feel that spring has sprung both in nature and my life.

New beginnings means a lot of research and preparations. People who moved abroad can easily relate, somehow we become experts on everything during this period and I can’t even begin to explain to you how many lists I’ve came down with so far. Lists for everything, from the really important stuff to the smaller insignificant details. Everything has to be done perfect because once you’re gone it’s very difficult to make any changes. Spending endless hours searching for the best offers and deals for this “project”, inevitably and as a woman who embraces her feminine nature I couldn’t resist on searching for some beauty product reviews, fashion inspiration or the next best recipe to try and that’s exactly what I want to share with you!


1. Life Style Blog

Talking about fashion and life style generally, I found myself completely in love with Violeta’s life style blog Shoe Gal Out In the World. Violeta is warm and friendly, she’s absolutely the girl next door and the friend you wish you had every time you go for shopping. I love the way she puts things together, I love her editing work, I love her taste and from the look of this March Edit, I can’t wait to see April’s!

shoe gal out in the world
2. Food Blog

Now that we are beautiful and fashionable it’s time to eat something. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cooking, but If I had to choose someone to cook for me during this period, that person would have to be Evi creator of The Healthy Cook blog. Combining healthy meals with divine flavors is the best deal for me. I have a thing about eating healthy but eating something sad and boring is out of the question. Trust me, food can be both comforting and nutritious at the same time. For example, take a look at these amazing avocado snacks in six versions which I absolutely adore!


Avocado Toast:6 Ways


Till next time XoXo


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