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A Boho Chic Baby Blanket and an Unfinished Business

Nothing beats a handmade gift and when it comes to newborn babies, a baby afghan is the number one choice for me, so when occasion arises I’m more than happy to take my place in my favorite armchair and start working with my hooks and yarns.

Pinterest is always a good source of inspiration and I won’t lie to you I’ve already done my research long ago and told everything about it on a previous post. Though I love searching for inspiration and ideas I have this thing about not copying an exact item and always enjoy letting my creativity out adding some personal touches even if it’s only a colour combination. This makes every item unique and that’s exactly what I want for my handmade gifts, to be unique.

I began by digging on my yarn supplies (I always keep some at home just in case) and this is what I came out with… beautiful organic cotton yarn in amazing neutral colours. To be honest it’s not the easiest type of yarn to crochet because it is not heavily processed and sometimes the hook gets stuck between the fibers but quality always comes with a price.


I took a sit on the armchair, gathered yarns and tools around me, took a deep breath and looked outside the window. It was a rainy day and the sky seemed to be very low on the horizon but the colours where breathtaking as always after the April showers.

vie from window

Feeling relaxed and enchanted by the view, holding this good quality yarn on my lap it was suddenly obvious that elegance comes through simplicity and beauty comes through comfort so a granny square afghan was about to be made. Beautiful, elegant and reassuring this motif is perfect for the job.


The idea was to make four oversized motifs 40x40cm (16x16in) and after I’d sew them together I would get a 80×80 (32×32), not counting any extra border design, square baby trolley blanket. What would make it more interesting was the colour changing pattern. Since I only had 3 colours and I was about to make 4 motifs, I ended up with these two colour patterns.


The difference is not so obvious because the colours are not making any big contrast but I love this calmness and that is what I aimed for. Four big motifs, two of each, are going to be sewed together on opposite sides to make one large square.


This baby blanket is the unfinished business. I’m back home now away from my favorite arm chair longing this beautiful view and my mother’s pampering, and 4 motifs stand there waiting for me to decide …

Should I make and extra row with the ivory yarn? Would it highlight the motifs and bring out the colours? And then….

What kind of border row should I choose for the perimeter? Simple sc stitches all around or something fancier?

What do you think? Should I visit my parents immediately?

Till next time…

❤ Connie


3 thoughts on “A Boho Chic Baby Blanket and an Unfinished Business

  1. I like the ivory connecting them. I think it’ll fit in well with the rest of the blanket. I would probably go for a simple border because the little ones like to chew their favorite blankies. Thank you for sharing! It’s beautiful.

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