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6 Amazing Recipes for Fresh Apricots

Hello everyone,

It’s apricot season and 2 days ago my good neighbor brought me a basket full of apricots freshly cut from her trees. Apricot trees are blooming in our region and for about a month or so all households compete each-other for the best and most innovative apricot recipe. Tones of jam are made and each family has it’s own secret method to make dried apricots. As for our household, we love them in all versions  but using the fruit fresh is just unbeatable.

Fresh, ripe apricots are juicy and sweet, perfectly snack-sized, and amazing in everything from cakes and crumbles to smoothies and canapes. It’s season lasts less than two months, from about mid-May to early July. For the best flavor, seek out local fruit, and look for those that are deep orange, fairly plump, and soft enough to yield to gentle pressure (but not mushy).

Make the most of this versatile stone fruit with these delicious and perfectly balanced recipes I picked for you.

1. Apricot & Almond Olive Oil Cake

fresh apricot cake recipe

This is a Mediterranean recipe featuring olive oil instead of butter. The baked cake has a super moist and spongy texture and comes together in minutes. It’s a one-bowl + one saucepan deal. This cake really couldn’t get easier to make. It is bright and light and suited to breakfast, brunch or dessert. I’d serve it with some Greek yogurt or ricotta and a drizzle of honey, or some vanilla bean ice cream. Find the recipe at Scientifically Sweet and make this unbelievably easy and healthy cake your next favorite thing.

2. Apricot Breakfast Smoothie

Apricot breakfast smoothie

Fresh fruits for breakfast is an excellent choice.This apricot -oatmeal  smoothie can also be served as a smoothie bowl: Pour it into bowls and top with your favorite breakfast additions, such as berries, chopped nuts, toasted seeds, granola or wheat germ.Find out how to prepare this healthy breakfast choice at the foodnetwork.

3. Fresh Apricot Sorbet Recipe

fresh apricot sorbet recipe

It would almost be a sin not to make a sorbet out of our fresh apricots. Here I have the best sorbet recipe by Annie’s-eats to try. Serve it in mini scoops mimicking the size and shape of the apricots themselves. Sorbet can be an excellent choice for dessert during those warm summer days and you don’t need to feel guilty about eating it because it’s extra light!

4. Roasted Apricots with Ricotta & Honey

roasted apricot canapes

Using fruits for appetizers or main course recipes is not a new idea. Our ancestors used fresh and dried fruits not as snacks but as common ingredients for their daily meals. Apricots work great with several kinds of cheese such as ricotta, goat cheese or even blue cheese. Here at Kitchen-repertoir you can find an easy recipe to make exquisite roasted apricot’s canapes.

5. Apricot Arugula & Walnut Salad

apricot arugula walnut salad

If you don’t want to roast it bake it or squeeze it, here is a way to eat it perfectly fresh in your salad. At Patty’s food you can find the recipe for this perfectly balanced fresh salad with apricots and arugula.

6. Apricot – Mint Iced Tea


With the summer sun radiating and the mercury rising, there is nothing more refreshing than a glass of iced tea. The longer the tea sits around, the more the apricots break down and the tea thickens into a nectar like liquid.  It’s cloudy but so delicious. Hope you enjoy this Apricot Mint Iced Tea, by The Complete Savorist, as much as I did. It truly hits the spot.

What is your favorite apricot recipe? I’ll be more than happy to hear some new ideas on how to use my apricots!

Till next time…

❤ Connie



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