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The meaning of life

The purpose or the meaning in our lives is an old philosophical question.

Thousands of philosophers, intellectuals and writers have said and wrote many theories about it. Who are we? where do we come from? what is the meaning in our life? So many questions and many more answers, however this quest is not only philosophical but is also personal.

Each and everyone of us has his own purpose in life, his or her very own cause to serve.

When you are about to make a big change in your life it’s only natural to think about the meaning and purpose of life. The best answer we could come up with lies in this quote :

the meaning of life


Love Constance




10 thoughts on “The meaning of life

  1. It’s so true at change points in your life to be reflective and look for your purpose. I agree it includes giftedness and giving to people– for me that is to love God and love the people he’s given me by caring for them. Love your thoughtful post…

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