Last Moment Vacations

Visiting my parents right before we move abroad was the perfect chance for some vacations.

I am a city girl but I always remember my parents talking about their big plan to move out in the country and live closer to nature once they got over their 50’s. I never thought they would make it but boy they proved me wrong, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

So here is my small piece of heaven, right where Mount Olympus (famous from Greek Mythology as home of the Gods) meets the Archipelago. Ever since my parents moved here when I think of home I think of this place, and visiting family became a chance for vacations in one of the most beautiful spots of the Aegean sea.


The area is magnificent, few places in the world combine endless stretches of beach with golden sands and crystal clear seas, mountains with green forests, history and natural beauty such as Pieria.


When they said they wanted to enjoy nature they really meant it so gardening became a big part of their daily life.


Their vegetable garden is seasonal and during this period is full with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchinis and cucumbers, the basic ingredients of summer Mediterranean meals.

Trees are always important in Mediterranean gardens. My parents chose carefully the local varieties of trees for maximum quality. Cutting your figs or your lemons from the tree, making fresh marmalade and harvesting your own nuts is a luxury I learned to appreciate during the past years.

This is Pascal, our male turkey, our rooster’s Ringo best friend. Along with a female turkey, a few chickens, a cat and a dog, they are my parent’s companion in their small farm.


Living the life of an expat became something like a second nature to me but I always find it hard leaving this small paradise and my parents who always say “stay for one more day”.

Love Constance



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