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My Liebe Germany – 8 Reasons to Visit

Living in Germany, with a population of some 80 million people, means living in one of Europe’s most populous countries; a cosmopolitan place of diversity and modernity. As a result of different regional earldoms and monarchies throughout Germany’s history, each city has its own unique personality and character. This makes the country as a whole a fascinating place to live in or just visit. Our relocation to Germany didn’t bring many surprises to me as I’ve been visiting this country since I was a child. My husbands enthusiasm as a first timer, on the other hand, inspired me to write this post. Being temporarily relocated to this beautiful country, we both enjoy our time here living a life between locals and tourists!

Our neighborhood in Hamburg suburbs

There are numerous reasons to visit Germany, although reasons are not always necessary to my opinion, but 8 are the ones you need to know if you are not familiar with this country at all.

1.Germany is a Safe and Secure Country

Germany is considered one of the safest countries in Europe. Crime is at a very low level, and there is a low risk for travelers when it comes to pickpockets or threat. The German people are great hosts, and most will try to help if they spot you are in any difficulty. Their politeness and good manners guarantee that you’ll end up having a positive experience as a traveler in their country overall.

2.The Autobahn

Whether you are a car enthusiast or just have a need for speed, if you don’t visit Germany by car you need to rent one just so that you can make a trip down the legendary autobahn. There are no speed limits, so you will be able to live on the edge at high speeds without having to look over your shoulder, and it’s completely safe!

Visiting the City park & the Baltic Sea near Hamburg

3.Natural Attractions Abound

Take a trip into the German country side and you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve entered another world. Germany is, after all, a land of fairy-tales. Home country of the Grimm brothers, offers a variety of landscapes and natural wonders such as the Black Forest. With the beaches of the Baltic Coast, the towering peaks of the Bavarian Alps and the countless rivers which criss-cross the country – including the Danube and the Rhine – Germany could be the ideal destination for visitors keen to appreciate it’s abundant natural beauty.

4.Germany is a fantastic country for outdoor activities!

The choice of activities is almost unlimited: walking, biking, camping, sailing, gardening, kayaking, canoeing and boating, skiing, horse riding, , etc.
With it’s public transportation or the legendary autobahn, it is relatively easy to go from one region to the next and to practice many outdoor activities in a short period of time.
You could also be part of one of the numerous clubs that organize outdoor activities. There are literally thousands of such clubs throughout Germany and most Germans are members of at least one club, sometimes two or three. You’re sure to find one that suits your interests!

Hamburg city center

5.The Fine Arts are Top of the Line

If you are interested in fine arts, then there are not many better places to visit than Germany. It has a few hundred theaters, more than one hundred professional orchestras and even more museums and collections of famous pieces. Even if you aren’t that interested in fine arts, you will surely be astonished as some of the masterpieces that you will come across in in this country.

6.The Food

This should really be closer to the top of the list. Germans have over 1,000 different types of sausages to go along with their famous sauerkraut and potato salad. They aren’t shy about their portions, either. What many people don’t know is the fact that German cuisine is so much more than just sausage and potatoes. Depending on where in Germany you stay you will find a big variety of traditional and comfort foods. The area around Hamburg is known for fresh fish dishes while the South known for all types of foods made of pork. Don’t forget to try traditional German bread and I’m sure you will be amazed by it as to my opinion could easily claim the title for “the best bread in the world”. Overall, whether you are a local or a tourist, you will be fed well when you are in Germany.

7.Flеa Markets

Perusing flea markets in this country is like being kid in a candy store. In Germany flea markets are held every weekend in almost each village and the sheer assortment of antiques, vintage and second-hand home decor on offer is overwhelming. Indeed you can buy here even real antiques for mere pennies. If you are anything like me you will adore Germany just for its flea markets.

Christmas market & traditional wurst dish (Pixabay images)


By the end of November this country looks better than at any time during the year. With Christmas markets with over 500 years of recorded history, Germany is a magical place to be during the most wonderful time of the year. Did you know that decorating trees tradition started here?If you are planning to visit Germany during Christmas be prepared to be amazed by numerous fairs and real performances organized at the streets. Don’t forget to try the famous gluhwein (warm spicy wine).

Our time here is about to end but one thing is for sure… we will be visiting Germany again and again for all these reasons and much more!

Till next time…

Love Constance

29 thoughts on “My Liebe Germany – 8 Reasons to Visit

    1. I spent Christmas in Germany last year and loved the Cologne Markets! I also enjoyed celebrating with my friend’s family. It was so nice we walked off all the good food in gorgeous woods and fields nearby.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Christmas in Germany is the best! I think everyone should visit Germany during Christmas at least once in their lifetime! I need to start a budget before the Christmas and Flea markets open 😛 Do you live near by or flying to Germany?


    1. Oh yes Cologne’s Christmas market is said to be one of the best! I didn’t have the chance to celebrate Christmas in Germany yet but I’ve visited several times during early December and experienced several German Christmas traditions with my German friends in Greece. That I can say…Germans know how to celebrate Christmas 😉


  1. You make Germany sound lovely and fun. I have friends in Berlin, however, I am unable to travel as I am confined to bed. Your detailed descriptions left me wanting to see more photos and explore your blog further. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nancy, nice to hear from you again! Germany is so versatile with endless possibilities for all kinds of travellers. I had a really nice time there one of the things I enjoyed the most was quietness! Sometimes I felt like I could hear a hair falling 😜 I plan to go back for a weekend until Christmas to visit the notorious German Christmas markets!! Fingers crossed the weather will be good and I’ll have a lot of photo opportunities😉


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