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Honey Infusions DIY

Honey is one of nature’s miracles. It is a delicious ingredient in many foods, has antibacterial properties, works as a moisturizer when used in homemade cosmetics, soothes a cough or sore throat, and makes your tea beverage about 100times better both in taste and quality -and all that’s just scratching the surface really. Honey is… Continue reading Honey Infusions DIY

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6 Amazing Recipes for Fresh Apricots

Hello everyone, It’s apricot season and 2 days ago my good neighbor brought me a basket full of apricots freshly cut from her trees. Apricot trees are blooming in our region and for about a month or so all households compete each-other for the best and most innovative apricot recipe. Tones of jam are made… Continue reading 6 Amazing Recipes for Fresh Apricots

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Cinnamon Rolls -make your own in two minutes

It’s Sunday morning and friends are coming over for coffee at your house. You have a reputation of being an excellent hostess and a great cook but unfortunately you forgot all about it and you prepared nothing to serve at your little coffee party. A nightmare scenario if you ask me! To be honest, I… Continue reading Cinnamon Rolls -make your own in two minutes

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Greek Yogurt Healthy Banoffee Parfait

Greek yogurt, a versatile product with so many uses and much more nutritional benefits, if it’s not already part of your diet it’s a great oportunity to give it a try with this recipe. I consume a lot of Greek yogurt daily mixing it with herbs and using it as dip for finger food, as… Continue reading Greek Yogurt Healthy Banoffee Parfait

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Spaghetti al Tonno – an authentic recipe

Yes, it’s spaghetti day again and to be honest it’s spaghetti day at least once a week in our home. Trying to keep a balanced Mediterranean diet with lot’s of vegetables, fish, whole grains, legumes and nuts, there is room for spaghetti once or twice a week. It’s the food everybody loves and let’s face… Continue reading Spaghetti al Tonno – an authentic recipe

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When life gives you apples – an applepie recipe you can’t miss

I LOVE cooking and I’d like to believe that I am a good cook. I can make a meal out of nothing and I can present some impressive snacks for friends coming over unexpected late at night for beers or wine and some chatting. It’s not just that I m good, I enjoy it!!! But… Continue reading When life gives you apples – an applepie recipe you can’t miss